Bouvardia Plant

English name: Bouvardia

Sub Title:  Plant

bouvardia, (genus Bouvardia), any of about 30 species of evergreen shrubs or herbs of the family Rubiaceae, mostly natives of tropical America. Known for their attractive blooms, a number of Bouvardia species, such as B. longiflora, are used in the floral industry and are grown as houseplants or in greenhouses.

Bouvardia plants have dark green leaves and long tubular flowers with four petals and four stamens. The lightly scented flowers are attractive to hummingbirds and can be red, white, or yellow. Seeds are produced in a capsule fruit. In the southwestern United States and Mexico, B. ternifolia (firecracker bush or scarlet bouvardia) is commonly used in landscaping because of its showy red-orange flowers.