Chin Cactus Distribution

English name: Chin Cactus

Sub Title:  Distribution, & Facts

chin cactus, (genus Gymnocalycium), genus of about 50 species of cacti (family Cactaceae), native to South America. Chin cacti are found in warm regions of Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Bolivia, and Brazil. Many natural and cultivated varieties are available and are common ornamentals.

The small plants are globose to cylindrical and are so named for the chinlike protuberance below each spine-bearing areole (special bud) on the ribs. The showy diurnal flowers are most often white or cream, with shades of pink, yellow, or red in some species and varieties. The receptacle (the flower stalk upon which the flower organs attach) characteristically lacks spines or hairs.

One of the most outstanding cultivated species, commonly known as moon cactus (Gymnocalycium mihanovichii), is a glowing red mutant that must be grown grafted onto a normal cactus because it lacks chlorophyll and cannot synthesize its own food. Varieties of other colours also have been developed and are seen in the florist trade.