Easter Cactus Distribution

English name: Easter Cactus

Sub Title:  Distribution, & Facts

Easter cactus, (Hatiora gaertneri), popular spring-flowering cactus (family Cactaceae), grown for its bright red blossoms that appear about Easter time in the Northern Hemisphere. The related dwarf Easter cactus (Hatiora rosea) is a diminutive plant with abundant fragrant rose-pink flowers and is also cultivated. Both species are native to rainforests of Brazil, where they grow as epiphytes (on other plants).

Easter cactus grows as a pendulous branching plant and lacks spines. The segmented stems are composed of flattened cladodes (leafless photosynthetic units) with notched margins. The funnel-shaped flowers have numerous petals and are usually borne at the terminal cladodes. A period of cool temperature (10 °C [about 50 °F]) during winter is essential to bring on the best flower buds.

The taxonomy of the Easter cactus has been contentious. The plant has been considered a member of the genus Rhipsalis and was formerly grouped with Schlumbergera species, such as the Thanksgiving and Christmas cacti.