Epidendrum Plant Genus

English name: Epidendrum

Sub Title:  Plant Genus

Epidendrum, genus of more than 1,000 species of tropical and semitropical orchids (family Orchidaceae). Epidendrum orchids are distributed from southeastern North America to central South America and are primarily epiphytic, though some grow on rocks or in soil. The only species native to nontropical North America is the greenfly orchid (E. conopseum), which has clusters of small purplish green flowers. Several species have large attractive flowers and are grown as ornamentals.

The genus comprises a diverse group of plants. Some species have large pseudobulbs (swollen stems) with two or three leathery leaves; other species lack pseudobulbs and have long, thin stems. Flowers are usually borne on a terminal spike and come in a variety of colours. The fruit is typically a capsule.