Phyllastrephus Fischeri Bird

Fischer\'s Greenbul / Phyllastrephus fischeri

Phyllastrephus Fischeri Bird

English Name:  Fischer's Greenbul
Latin Name:  Phyllastrephus fischeri
Protonym:  Criniger Fischeri Orn.Centralbl. 4 p.139
Taxonomy:  Passeriformes / Pycnonotidae / Phyllastrephus
Taxonomy Code:  fisgre1
Type Locality:  Muniuni [= Muniumi], East Africa [near mouth of Tana River].
Author:  Reichenow
Publish Year:  1879
IUCN Status:  Least Concern


(Pycnonotidae; Ϯ Terrestrial Brownbul P. terrestris) Gr. φυλλον phullon  leaf; στρεφω strephō  to toss, to turn;  "Genus, PHYLLASTREPHUS.  ...  Feet short, strong, robust. Anterior tarsal scales divided. Lateral toes unequal. Hinder toe shorter than the tarsus, but as long as the middle toe. Claws large, broad, hooked, acute.  Type. - Le Jaboteur, LE VAILL., pl. 112, f. 1" (Swainson 1831).
Var. Phyllostrophus (Gr. στροφαω strophaō  to turn), Phillastrephus.
Synon. Argaleocichla, Ayresillas, Sclaterillas.

● Gustav Adolf Fischer (1848-1886) German doctor, explorer, collector in tropical Africa 1876-1886 (Agapornis, syn. Calamonastes simplex, subsp. Centropus monachus, subsp. Cisticola chiniana, subsp. Cyanomitra veroxii, syn. Eurocephalus rueppelli, subsp. Geokichla guttata, Lamprotornis, Melaenornis, subsp. Mirafra rufocinnamomea, Phyllastrephus, subsp. Ploceus melanocephalus, subsp. Pogoniulus bilineatus, syn. Scotopelia peli, syn. Sylvietta whytii minima, Tauraco, Vidua).
● George Fischer (fl. 1896) Dutch surgeon, collector in the East Indies (Ramphiculus).
● Johann Gotthelf Fischer von Waldheim (1771-1853) German palaeontologist, zoologist in Russia 1804-1853 (Somateria, syn. Syrrhaptes paradoxus).