Slipper Flower Species

English name: Slipper Flower

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slipper flower
slipper flower

slipper flower, (genus Calceolaria), also called pocketbook flower, slipperwort, or pouch flower, genus of more than 300 species of annual or perennial flowering plants of the family Calceolariaceae, native from Mexico to South America. They are named for their flowers’ pouchlike shape. The flowers are usually yellow, orange, red, or purple with contrasting spots.

Many large-flowered varieties of slipper flower exist in the florist trade. The Herbeohybrida Group (sometimes written Calceolaria × herbeohybrida), commonly called pocketbook plants or florist’s slipperwort, are hybrids cultivated in commercial greenhouses for their showy flowers. Members of the group are typically crosses between several species including C. crenatifloraC. corymbosa, and C. cana.