Hypecoeae Description & Distribution

English name: Hypecoeae

Sub Title:  Description & Distribution

Hypecoeae, tribe within the poppy family (Papaveraceae), comprising 15 species of a single genus, Hypecoum. Members of the tribe were formerly in their own family, Hypecoaceae, but molecular evidence suggests that the group is evolutionarily derived from Papaveraceae. The plants occur in warm temperate areas from the Mediterranean to eastern Asia. One species, H. procumbens, from southern Europe, has been cultivated as a hardy garden annual for its dainty loose clusters of bright yellow cupped blooms borne on 30-cm- (1-foot-) tall plants.

Hypecoum species are herbs containing a watery sap. All species have alternate, glaucous (gray waxy-powdered), deeply divided leaves and small regular flowers with four stamens (male parts) and four petals in two whorls. The inner petals often are lobed. The seeds are borne in capsules.