Ice Plant Description & Genera

English name: Ice Plant

Sub Title:  Description & Genera

ice plant, any of several species of low-growing succulent plants of the carpetweed family (Aizoaceae). They include members of the genera Mesembryanthemum, Carpobrotus, Conicosia, Delosperma, and the monotypic Disphyma. Most ice plants are native to arid regions of southern Africa, and some are cultivated as ornamental ground covers.

ice plant
ice plant

Highway ice plant (Carpobrotus edulis, formerly Mesembryanthemum edule) is one of the most commonly grown species and is named for the transparent glistening swellings on its edible leaves. It is cultivated in gardens and as an indoor potted plant. It is naturalized in California, where it clothes road embankments and provides erosion control.