Hemimacronyx Sharpei Bird

Sharpe\'s Longclaw / Hemimacronyx sharpei

Hemimacronyx Sharpei Bird

English Name:  Sharpe's Longclaw
Latin Name:  Hemimacronyx sharpei
Protonym:  Macronyx sharpei Bull.Br.Orn.Club 14 p.74
Taxonomy:  Passeriformes / Motacillidae / Hemimacronyx
Taxonomy Code:  shalon1
Type Locality:  Mau plateau.
Author:  Jackson, FJ
Publish Year:  1904
IUCN Status:  Endangered


(Motacillidae; Ϯ Yellow-breasted Pipit H. chloris) Gr. ἡμι- hēmi-  small  < ἡμισυς hēmisus  half; genus Macronyx Swainson, 1827, longclaw; "Still another genus remains to be dealt with, namely, HEMIMACRONYX gen. nov., type Anthus chloris Sund., which is characterised by its yellow breast and slender toes and claws, which are long and, in common with the colour, remind one of the Yellow Wagtails. It has little in common with the other plainer coloured Pipits and would seem to be allied to Tmetothylacus, which differs in having the lower part of the tibia not feathered, and is a link between the Pipits and the Longclaws (Macronyx)." (A. Roberts 1922); "Hemimacronyx A. Roberts, 1922, Annals Transvaal Mus., VIII (4), p. 258.  Type, by original designation, Anthus chloris Sund., i.e. Lichtenstein, 1842." (JAJ 2020). 

Dr Richard Bowdler Sharpe (1847-1909) British ornithologist at BMNH 1872-1909, founder member of BOC 1892 (subsp. Accipiter albogularis, subsp. Aegithalos bonvaloti, subsp. Anthoscopus sylviella, subsp. Camaroptera brachyura, subsp. Caprimulgus tristigma, syn. Ceyx erithaca, syn. Chrysococcyx cupreus, subsp. Coereba flaveola, subsp. Columba delegorguei, syn. Coracias naevius, subsp. Dactylortyx thoracicus, subsp. Dicrurus ludwigii, syn. Edolisoma incertum, syn. Eremomela icteropygialis saturatior, Euchrepomis, subsp. Eulabeornis castaneoventris, syn. Euschistospiza dybowskii, syn. Hypotaenidia philippensisLalage, syn. Laterallus spilonotus, syn. Lophura nycthemera lineata, Macronyx, subsp. Melanospiza bicolor, subsp. Meliphaga aruensis, syn. Merops pusillus cyanostictus, Monticola, syn. Muscicapa boehmi, syn. Myzomela melanocephala, subsp. Pachycephala pectoralis, syn. Phoeniculus bollei, syn. Phyllastrephus strepitans, syn. Picumnus albosquamatus guttifer, Picus, syn. Pogoniulus chrysoconus, syn. Pulsatrix koeniswaldiana, syn. Rhipidura albiscapaSheppardia, subsp. Sicalis uropigyalis, Smithornis, syn. Smutsornis africanus, subsp. Sporophila morelleti, syn. Tauraco schuettii emini, subsp. Telacanthura ussheri, subsp. Treron calvus, subsp. Trochalopteron milnei, Turdoides, syn. Zosterops atrifrons) (see sharpii).