Hieraaetus Wahlbergi Bird

Wahlberg\'s Eagle / Hieraaetus wahlbergi

Hieraaetus Wahlbergi Bird

English Name:  Wahlberg's Eagle
Latin Name:  Hieraaetus wahlbergi
Protonym:  Aquila Wahlbergi Oefv.Vet.-Akad.Forh. 7 p.109
Taxonomy:  Accipitriformes / Accipitridae / Hieraaetus
Taxonomy Code:  waheag3
Type Locality:  'in Caffraria superiori, prope 25° lat.'' Type from Mohapvani, Botswana.
Author:  Sundevall
Publish Year:  1850
IUCN Status:  Least Concern


(Accipitridae; Ϯ Booted Eagle H. pennatus) Gr. ἱεραξ hierax, ἱερακος hierakos  hawk; αετος aetos  eagle; this group, often known as Hawk Eagles, combines an eagle-like appearance with the lighter build, longer tail, and rounded wings of a hawk; "IV. Familie. Adler, Aquilae.  ...  1. Untergeschlecht. Falkenfalkenadler, Hieraaëtus, Kaup, wovon der Typus Aquila pennata ist; durch die Kürze der Tarsen etc. zu charakterisiren." (Kaup 1844); "Hieraaëtus Kaup, 1844, Class. Säugethiere Vögel, p. 120.  Type, by original designation, Falco pennatus Gmelin." (Stresemann & Amadon in Peters, 1979, I, 2nd ed., p. 383). 
Var. Jeraetus, Ieraetus, Hieraetus.
Synon. Anomalaetus, Aquilastur, Asturaetos, Butaetus, Pseudaetus, Tolmaetus.

Johan August Wahlberg (1810-1856) Swedish naturalist, collector in South Africa 1838-1856, where he was killed by an elephant (syn. Centropus grillii, Hieraaetus).